Nicky Davis is a playwright, novelist, poet & blogger living and working in Los Angeles. She graduated from Yale University in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in Theater Studies, and a concentration in playwriting. She is the recipient of the inaugural Marina Keegan Award for Excellence in Playwriting, as well as the 2013 Berkeley College Arts Prize for accomplishment in Creative Writing. 


About The Conversationalite

I had a playwriting professor who said that one of the most beautiful things about being a writer is that it gives you the chance to bring other people into the moments of your life that make you want to say, "Hold on, did anyone else see that?" 

I have a friend who told me that the best comedians are the ones who point out, in their jokes, something unusual that everyone does but no one thinks about. That then, whenever you do that thing, you'll think of their joke, and thus a legend is born.

And so I hope to be both a beautiful writer and a decent comedienne. The writing you will find here is meant to spark conversation, argument, introspection, laughter. It's the spilling of years of eavesdropping and observation. I write to open a window into who we are as people, and the truly incredible shit we say to each other.


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