June 2nd

Song of the Day: Pass the Vibes by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment

Y'all know I love Chance The Rapper. So obviously I was ecstatic when he dropped Surf this last week. And the number of times I've listened to the album since is too many to count. It really is such a freaking delight.

But this song is one of my absolute favorites. I want to play the vibrophone.

May 4th-June 1st

I was negligent in May. 

If you're wondering what I was listening to, it was country music. And it was great. I'm sure some of those songs will show up here later. Have no doubts. But I was a bad blog owner in May. And as such fell off on my daily songs. 

So here's one, for most of the month of May, which turned out to be a pretty eventful month.

Song of the month: Keep On by Eric Church

This is not reflective on my life state, it is just a song I rediscovered my love for this past month.

April 23rd

Song of the Day: No Surprises by Radiohead

There shouldn't have to be a reason. But the reason it's coming up now is that I realized recently that I listened to this song so much for a period of my life that my mom now regularly says "no alarms and no surprises, please" when she's going to bed.

April 24th

Song of the Day: All Time Low by Jon Bellion

If you were hoping to find new vaguely melancholic, but also catchy pop jams, look no further. I don't know how to describe Jon Bellion. He sounds kinda like the dude from Owl City, except a lil less annoying. But I do recommend his 2014 album The Definition. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

April 21st

Song of the Day: I don't Like It, I Love It by Flo Rida Ft. Robin Thicke

Have you ever been to Coldstone Creamery, where the portion sizing ranges from Like It to Love It to Gotta Have It, and made the mistake of ordering a Gotta Have It only to realize that it is WAY MORE ICE CREAM THAN YOU COULD EVER REASONABLY DIGEST? I have had this experience multiple times.

This song includes the lyrics, "I don't like it, I love it love it love it... uh oh. So good it hurts." as well as "i don't want it... I gotta gotta have it... UH OH." BOTH OF WHICH ARE EXACT NARRATIONS OF MY LIFE AT COLDSTONE. Sorry I'm yelling, but I never thought a song by Flo Rida would so exactly speak to my own life experience.

It's also catchy as fuck.

April 20th

Song of the Day: Want to Want Me by Jason Derulo

The reasoning here is simple. I was in the car with a friend and this song came on and we turned it all the way up and danced like idiots. Some dudes in the car ahead of us noticed us dancing and started dancing like idiots too. Probably they thought if we knew they were watching we would stop. WE DID NOT. It was awesome. 

April 19th

Listen of the Day: How To Be Black by Baratunde Thurston, audiobook

I know it's not a song. But MY GOD if this isn't the best book I've heard in a long time. Seriously. You're not black? Read this. You're black? Read this. You're kinda black but you don't know if it counts because... READ THIS DAMN BOOK.
It is so good and so funny and so full of truth and honesty and hope and goodness. It's just a fucking dream. And the audiobook is a damn delight. 

Changed my life. Go and READ IT.

April 17th

Song of the Day: Protection by  Ben Folds

This song is fucking epic. The piano? The super simple bass? The lyrics? ALL OF IT YOU GUYS. You won't be sorry. Plus, I don't even really know where I got this song from. It's one of a handful of Ben Folds songs I just have that arrived to me on a mysterious but wonderful CD from my sister. 

April 16th

Song of the Day: Until We Get There by Lucius

This song is like dancing cartoon clouds. Do you know the ones I mean? Okay think about cartoon trains, and the little puffs of smoke that come out of the engine. And sometimes the train is chugging along sort of rhythmically and the little clouds of smoke sort of bounce along to the beat too... Maybe this is a very specific cartoon that only I ever saw. But now you have a visual of what I mean sort of. This song makes me think of that.

WHATEVER. It's a really good song.