February 17th

Song of the Day: Belle by Al Green

Guys, this song is way underrated. Or maybe I'm too young to know that people freaked out adequately about it when it came out. Either way. We are not still freaking out adequately. 

The thing about Al Green is... kind of everything. But particularly how surprisingly squeaky he is. And how that squeak is always EXACTLY appropriate. This song has that good ol' piano, and the tiny guitar. And then the synth comes in and the bass picks up. And you think it can't possibly get better, because Al Green's voice is already doing that buttery thing. BUT THEN THE SQUEAK IS BACK and everything is perfect.

Does any of that make any sense? Probably not. I should admit that I write these while listening to the song, and sometimes the goodness of the song gets in the way of me making sense. As was definitely the case here. Enjoy it.