April 2nd

Song of the Day: I Summon You by Spoon

TODAY was a very important day for this section of The Conversationalite. It's incredibly hard, I've been noticing to create a writing playlist, or any playlist, one song at a time, one day at a time. And in all honesty, that's hardly what I've been doing.

Today, however, my friend and I were listening to a Genius playlist my iTunes created based on Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley, the very first song of the day. And on came I Turn My Camera On by Spoon. My friend suddenly remembered that she first heard this song because of MySpace. "I heard this because... This was Chad Michael Murray*'s MySpace song... randomly", she said.

*Chad Michael Murray is the name I am subbing in for the actual name of the kid from our high school, since, for years, he was supposedly a believable high schooler. 

Anyway, this sparked a whole conversation about the long forgotten MySpace song. For anyone who isn't familiar: the MySpace song was a single song that played on a loop on your myspace profile page. And it was very important to choose a song that represented your personality, and would also make you seem cool, and wouldn't be annoying on a loop. In my memory, the choice of MySpace song was make-or-break in some friendship decisions. Maybe that's not true, but that's what I remember.

I deleted my MySpace years ago, probably out of shame. Because, if memory serves, my MySpace looked more like a homepage for a low rent brothel, than like a profile about a nerdy black girl who wanted desperately for people to think she was cool. 

But, as my friend and I discussed, it seemed to me that I remember Spoon's I Summon You being the song I chose to represent myself in 9th or 10th grade. Not a bad choice. One I still approve of now. 

Not to shortchange this song, which I believe is truly great and also is tied to millions of memories of my early adolescence and playing the Sims, but the more important point of all this is the function of The Playlist. I now see that The Playlist is really just my modern adaptation of the MySpace song. It's a song I choose to represent who I am/was on any given day.

And because it was representative of me for such a long long time. I Summon You is today's song of the day.