April 15th

Song of the Day: Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny's Child

get it? Because it's tax day?

But more importantly... the grammar in this song has ALWAYS been a problem for me.

CAN you pay my bills

CAN you pay my telephone bills? 

CAN you pay my automo-bills?

If you DID then maybe we could chill. I don't think you DO.

But the question isn't DID you pay my bills? It's CAN you. Maybe he CAN but he hasn't YET. Beyonce! Give him a chance to make it right! (But also that bullshit he's trying to pull with calling his momma long distance on your phone is NOT okay. He needs to go.)

April 8th

Song of the Day: How It Should Be (Sha Sha) by Ben Kweller

This song has a magical effect on me. 

I know I say every song on the playlist is the best. That's sort of the point of the playlist. Just a group of songs I think are the best for various reasons. This one is great because of its simplicity and because it triggers only happy memories for me of being a kid who thought she was super cool and edgy for knowing who Ben Kweller was.

April 7th

Song of the Day: Riot Van by The Arctic Monkeys

I was obsessed with this song in middle school (? I think it was middle school, I can never remember for sure which years are which when it comes to music. I always remember myself somewhere between 12 and 14), but it has really held up over the years. I am sucker for that crackle in his voice.

April 5th

Song of the Day: Blue in Green by Miles Davis

This song is my absolute favorite jazz song. And I grew up with a jazz musician, so that's no small feat. But I believe this song is perfection. It makes me cry. All of it is genius. 

Kind of Blue is a genius album. But for me, this is the crown jewel.

April 3rd

Song of the Day: Breaking Up by Rilo Kiley

I realize Under The Blacklight is getting a lot of play on The Playlist, especially for an album I haven't listened to all that much. But this song has such bite and joy in it, that got me through a lot of incidental racism and latent anger today. It's worth giving it a shout.

April 2nd

Song of the Day: I Summon You by Spoon

TODAY was a very important day for this section of The Conversationalite. It's incredibly hard, I've been noticing to create a writing playlist, or any playlist, one song at a time, one day at a time. And in all honesty, that's hardly what I've been doing.

Today, however, my friend and I were listening to a Genius playlist my iTunes created based on Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley, the very first song of the day. And on came I Turn My Camera On by Spoon. My friend suddenly remembered that she first heard this song because of MySpace. "I heard this because... This was Chad Michael Murray*'s MySpace song... randomly", she said.

*Chad Michael Murray is the name I am subbing in for the actual name of the kid from our high school, since, for years, he was supposedly a believable high schooler. 

Anyway, this sparked a whole conversation about the long forgotten MySpace song. For anyone who isn't familiar: the MySpace song was a single song that played on a loop on your myspace profile page. And it was very important to choose a song that represented your personality, and would also make you seem cool, and wouldn't be annoying on a loop. In my memory, the choice of MySpace song was make-or-break in some friendship decisions. Maybe that's not true, but that's what I remember.

I deleted my MySpace years ago, probably out of shame. Because, if memory serves, my MySpace looked more like a homepage for a low rent brothel, than like a profile about a nerdy black girl who wanted desperately for people to think she was cool. 

But, as my friend and I discussed, it seemed to me that I remember Spoon's I Summon You being the song I chose to represent myself in 9th or 10th grade. Not a bad choice. One I still approve of now. 

Not to shortchange this song, which I believe is truly great and also is tied to millions of memories of my early adolescence and playing the Sims, but the more important point of all this is the function of The Playlist. I now see that The Playlist is really just my modern adaptation of the MySpace song. It's a song I choose to represent who I am/was on any given day.

And because it was representative of me for such a long long time. I Summon You is today's song of the day. 

April 1st

Song of the Day: April Fools by Rufus Wainwright

Not only does the opening of this song sound like walking into the game Candy Land, but it's also just FANTASTIC in its own right, and, on top of all that, I can never have too much Wainwright. 

The topical title is just me being cute.

March 31st

Song of the Day: Mr. Carter by Lil Wayne

This one, despite there being a million great ones, is my favorite Lil Wayne song. And because I feel it's only right to make a separate choice for tomorrow, April 1st, one of my favorite lyrics from this song "I call 'em April babies, cuz they fools" makes it a prime choice for the eve of this prankster holiday.

March 30th

Song of the Day: About To Die by The Dirty Projectors

I love this song because it makes me feel like it's a perfect summer day and also like maybe it's the apocalypse. It's a chameleon for me, this one, and that makes me it the ideal song for the feeling of these last days of March.

March 29th

Song of the Day: Youth by Daughter

I genuinely don't have the words to describe the way I feel about this song. I believe it is one of the more perfect things. I love it more every time I hear it. I love the lyrics. I love it. I just really love it. Sorry if you disagree. You're wrong probably.

March 28th

Song of the Day: Carried Away by Passion Pit

I missed the train on Passion Pit when they were the thing everyone was talking about a few years ago. I have two of their albums but I'd never really listened to them. And then my iTunes made a playlist that included this song, and I turned to my friend and said "What is this?? If I knew I had this I would be listening to it ALL THE TIME." And thus a crush on this song was born.